T-Wray and Gucci

T-Wray and Gucci

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My First Blog

So what do you you write about on your first blog. Remember one of your friends might actually read it so, you have to try to impress. Maybe you could blog about the awesome way you play guitar or maybe go with a more humble approach. There are so many possibilities.
 Where do I start? "I am a fun loving Virgo who likes long walks in the park, sherbert ice cream, watching children swing, butterfly kisses and snuff films." No that won't work. This is not a dating profile. So what the hell am I supposed to BLOG about. This is too much pressure man. I'm not good under pressure . I always say the wrong thing. Now I'm sure I will blog the wrong thing because of this pressure. HELP!
 Ok. I know. I could blog about blogging.
What is blogging? What makes it not writing but blogging. Is it because it's on a place like this? Maybe because it is done on a computer? Damn blogging about blogging sucks. This must be the worst blogging blog ever. Fuck! I suck at blog blogging. I would be willing to bet that there is a guy out there that is really good and considered a blogging guru when it comes to blogging about blogs. Also a person who will believe that I really like snuff films. Maybe I should remove that. Shawn Abnoxious is a great blogger. Maybe he could give me some tips. God knows I need them.
  Anyway let me continue this new passion of mine with a fervor not matched since that guy from the Sex Pistols met that chick and they died. Hey. Maybe I could blog about music. I'll bet nobody ever thought of that. I'll  be the first blogger of all things music. Wait a minute, I should research this. Ok. I just googled music blogs and there were 54,500,000 results. Who would've thunk it? Well look at that, GOOGLED is not a word yet. How is it that this is not a word? In the last minute it is safe to say that thousands of people googled. I tried to get a number for you, my reader, but google let me down so I guess you could go ask Jeeves.
 Well, my promise to you is that I will try to get better at this blogging thing and bring you words of wisdom and hilarity on a regular basis for a week or so then slink back down into my world of random thoughts, dreams about vicious dogs and absolute laziness so stay tuned for that week or so and I will try to right the ship and keep all of you dialed in like a shortwave radio.
        Goodnight fellow bloggers. we are a rare breed. There only 22.6 million of us left so stay strong.

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