T-Wray and Gucci

T-Wray and Gucci

Friday, March 16, 2012

Songstory; "Suspicious Minds"- Elvis Presley

 First of all I have to say thanks to Shawn for inviting me to take part in this event. My song is actually not a defining event but a memory of what I think to be the song that caused me to want to play and write music. When i was a very young boy this song moved me. It Made me feel something. There was just something about it that gave me the feeling that I realize now was this. We can be connected to a song. That it can shape our future selves into what we are meant to be. That whether we know it or not at the time, a single song by a single artist can shape the person we grow to be.
 This was my first "favorite song." I remember knowing what song it was the instant it came on and the joy I felt that I was getting to hear it again. It has all of the elements that make a great song. It is catchy and heartfelt. A rare combination. The guitar riff so original and pure. The vocals that made you take pleasure  in the pain the singer felt. It has horns. It has strings.
It is just so Fucking good. I knew I wanted to do that. I wanted people to feel every word and sing along like it is their song written especially for them.
 A little recently learned history about the song: It was Elvis' last #1 hit in his lifetime. It was written by Memphis singer Mark James. It was produced by Memphis soul producer Chips Moman. Moman also played with such legends as Aretha Franklin and Rockabilly legend Gene Vincent.
 Anyway. This song means alot to me because of the connection I felt and feel to it. I have heard a lot of covers of Elvis' version but to me they all pale in comparison. I may have shot fine young cannibals had I ever gone on a rampage but, at least they had to realize it is a great song if they paid the fee to record it. I have never listened to the original version but may try to find it now. Every time I hear it now I remember that little boy (I was 5 when it was released) dreaming of playing that guitar and singing that GLORIOUS bridge although I am sad to say that I have never learned or attempted to learn it. I would be way too hard on myself.
 Stay dialed in my friends.Songstory; Suspicious Minds- Elvis Presley  blogmonstergang.blogspot.com

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